Chris Melvin Bio

Chris Melvin is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member of Chicago River Capital.  Melvin began his career at the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) working his way from the Reorganization Department to Clearing Surveillance. 

Melvin then moved to Shatkin Investments as the assistent trader for the Firm's Risk Arbitrage account.

He then became a member of the  Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)  as the Managing Partner of M & K Options, an exchange market maker. M & K also managed an arbitrage account for the partnership.  

Melvin then returned to the CHX as a member, manging Melvin Securities, a 

Broker Dealer and an exchange specialist, later adding opertions on the Boston Stock Exchange, becoming a board member of both exchanges.

In 2006 he set up Nottoway, LLC which later became Chicago River Capital.